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ACP-HF Series
  • ACP-HF series is used in machine tools needed higher lift-up than ACP-F type. It has little idle working trouble because of no mechanical seal. It is compact design and widely used in general machine tools.

Type of fluid: Water/Coolant, Cutting oil, Grinding oil
Viscosity: 2~32cSt
Temperature: 80⁰C

(Enclosure class)
IP44 ACP-180HF, 250HF, 400HF, 600HF, 750HF, 900HF, 1100HF (IP54: OPTION)

(Insulation class)
B: ACP-180HF, 250HF
F: ACP-400HF, 600HF, 750HF, 900HF, 1100HF