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  • Space
Self-priming Type ACP- A Series
  • This type is a self-suction pump, and it has little restriction to install in small space. This type is used general machine.
  • For the foirst operation of pump, the oil should be completely filled in the self suction room.
  • Do not operate the pump after too long idle time becuase it causes mechanical seal demage. (idle time; within 30 seconds)

Type of fluid: Water/Coolant, Cutting oil, Grinding oil
Viscosity: 2~32cSt
Temperature: 80⁰C

(Enclosure class)
IP44: ACP-61A, 101A, 181A, 251A (IP54: OPTION)
IP54: ACP-401A, 901A

(Insulation class)
B: ACP-61A, 101A, 181A, 251A
F: ACP-401A, 901A

*Rated voltage in above table is standard specifications.
Other voltage specifications can be manufactured by buyer's demands. Contact us first.



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